I grew up in northern Indiana and that is me in the photo getting messy with a PB&J. It was around that time that I started getting interested in photography. Grandma had a Polaroid camera and I thought it was amazing that it recorded what you saw. In my teens I focused more on sports but still had a love for photography. After high school I wanted to travel so I joined the US Army and choose a job that was photography related. The places I visited and experiences I had while in the US Army helped shape my artistic side. Eventually I made it to the San Antonio, TX and decided to start my photography business. Over the years I have honed my photography skills and continue to further develop my creative talent. Oh, and I still love PB&J's.

I am not a traditional "for-hire" photographer, as I primarily work on special projects and create fine-art pieces. I am very selective on paid assignments I do accept. My rates vary based on assignment for shooting & processing time, this does not include creative fees, logistical/planning costs, travel or space/equipment rental (if applicable). My rates are negotiable (within reason), please contact me for a quote.