South Texas Floods - October 2015

November 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

At the end of October 2015 Texas was hit with several storms to include remnants of Hurricane Patricia which caused significant flooding. Yesterday I decided to photograph some of the damage and remaining flood waters around my area. I started off near my house along Cibolo Creek under the I35 highway.

The water was at least 15-20ft higher on Friday. It was pretty muddy and there were several times I almost lost my footing. Next I travel to the west along Cibolo Creek and I found a not so happy horse.

After leaving the horse I decided to head to head over to Gruene.

There is a bar called Big Bubba's Deck along the Guadalupe River in Gruene. The bar is a local hot spot for motorcycle riders. The bar suffered heavy damage from the flood waters. The parking lot on both sides of the road were also damaged. Along side the road was a crumpled trash bin. It was crumpled into a ball showing the power that Mother Nature has.

The Guadalupe River was still running strong.

After Gruene I headed west on FM 306 towards Canyon Lake Dam. Along the way I saw an RV that was among debris carried who knows how far by the Guadalupe River.

I stopped at Canyon Lake Dam for a while to relax. There was a tour group that was at the top of the dam's park. I am sure they were surprised by the damage from the recent weather. Well I was off again with Canyon Lake Dam in my rear view mirror.

I decided San Marcos was going to be my next stop. I had heard the flood water crested at 46 feet in some places. Here are a couple of photos of the San Marcos River.

As I was leaving San Marcos I saw a church that I had to get a photo of.

I did want to make it over to Wimberley but I was running out of daylight, so I decided to head home. I hope you enjoyed my photographs and please keep those affected by the recent storms in your thoughts. Cheers!


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