Road Trip West of San Antonio with the Nikon D810

November 30, 2016  •  2 Comments

I recently picked up the Nikon D810 and I decided I would go on a road trip to get better acquainted with the camera. The trip I chose was to head west of San Antonio, TX to Hondo and then make my way NE to Helotes and Boerne.

By the time I made it to Boerne, TX it was getting dark and chilly so I just headed home. My first stop was the visitor center in Castroville. The visitor center has a very unique style and made me feel like I was in another country. I then found this building that had good interest in its windows and doors. One of the doors in particular had the door knob lower than normal which skews the perspective. This next building was only a block away and was being overtaken by the surrounding vegetation. Driving around Castrolville I found a couple more cool shots. I then made my way to Hondo, TX and found a couple spots to take some photos. As I was leaving Hondo I say this tree and had to get a shot of it. I didn't find anything that inspired me until I got to Grey Forest, TX which is near Helotes. I almost passed up this caboose and I love how the light is dappled on it. The sun was going down quick by the time I got to Boerne, TX so I decided to head home. I hope you enjoyed the photographs.


Allen Skiles
Of course there is the law. As long as you stay on public land and do not block the right of way, you are good in the law's eyes. Avoid being the cause of an unsafe act. Say you see something you want to shoot but you are about to pass it. Do not hit your brakes, swerve quickly, or cut someone off just to try and stop in time. Just keep going until you find a safe place to turn around. Sometime photographers are in to much of a hurry or too focused on getting the shot that they throw safety out the window. Just stopping and thinking about how to get the shot in a safe way is always a good thing. Good luck and happy shooting!
Jack Gryder(non-registered)
What are the rules of the road regrading taking pictures of just about any thing. I'm new and it tells. However I am 70yo and I'm just starting. Wish me luck... Thanks Jack
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