Sherwood Forest Faire - 2017 Trip 2

March 31, 2017  •  7 Comments

Made it out again for Sherwood Forest Faire. My trip was on March 25th and that weekend the 7th Annual jousting Tournament was held. Now for a journey through my photographs I took at Sherwood. All photos can be seen and purchased here.

I started off photographing my archery friends as usual.           

After the archers cleared out of the arena the knights prepared for the jousting. The Kings and Princes also decided to join in the knightly fun by having their own competition. There was also hard hitting knight combat afterwards. While heading up to the Castle Siege performance I ran across this fella sitting at the Round Table. Now for the Castle Siege. Having seen the performance opening weekend I knew where the action was going to happen and I could setup for the shots I want. The explosion left a large amount of smoke in the air which made for some awesome moody photographs. If you have not been I recommend you at least go and check it out. I hope you all enjoyed this journey through my trip to the Sherwood Forest Faire. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of my work. Cheers!





King Philippe II ( Paul Daley)(non-registered)
Fantastic pictures. Thank you. It's great photographers like you that make us look epic.
Lady Matilda(non-registered)
Awesome shots! You are amazing.
Lady Constance(non-registered)
Thank you for coming to Sherwood!!! You take amazing pictures. I hope George sees these, you really captured him in you photography. May I post to the cast page some of your pictures?
Judy R.(non-registered)
OMG... I am so totally jealous, Allen. I bet you are one of the best photographers of Renaissance events. I can't event choose a favorite. There are so many incredible captures! Well done!!!!! I didn't get to go with CSAP this year, but hope to get there this final week-end.
Lisa Ernst(non-registered)
Awesome shots!
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