Christmas Photoshoot with Hoku

April 25, 2020  •  1 Comment

Today I saw the new movie "The Call of the Wild" and it got me thinking of my dog Hoku who passed away three years ago this May. Boy was she the best friend you could have. I got to looking at my blog posts and I am surprised I never posted about the photo shoot I did with her in Dec 2008. I was at the store and I saw a little reindeer plush toy for dogs. I thought she would love it so I bought it. On the way home I figured I would do a photo shoot to create a Christmas car. It was a very long shoot as Hoku was shy of the camera. Not only was it a hard shoot for me, but it was for her as well since she wanted to play with it so bad.

Patience and determination paid off as I got one of my favorite photos of her. I refer to it as her Hollywood shot as I could see it on her modelling comp card if she were an actress. Here is that shot.

Here are a couple more from that shoot.

It was a fun shoot and I miss her greatly.


Juan Aponte(non-registered)
Cool pictures. I love her expression on that last one. :)
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